halaalsearch.com is pretty much exactly what the domain name states. We are a search engine with only reliable authentic sites.

What classifies a reliable site?

A reliable site will not have any contents contrary to Sharee’ah. As far as possible, we will also exclude reliable sites who advertise sites with improper contents. Material contrary to Sharee’ah includes:

  • Animate photos
  • Adverts to improper sites
  • Extravagant free mixing of genders
  • Nasheeds with instruments
  • Salafi, Bid’atee, Barelwi, Shi’i and all other misleading Islamic sites are not permitted
  • Anything which is ruled Haraam by the Ulamaa

Are sites reviewed?

All sites are scheduled for regular review and if contents change, a reminder is sent to the site owner. If the incorrect materials are not removed, the site is removed from halaalsearch.com.

Do you take sponsored ads?

Besides the free submissions, we will be taking sponsored ads. All sponsored ads must also meet our criteria.

Do you index sites not related to Islam?

Yes. If a business site is designed according to rules of Sharee’ah, we will index business sites for free too.

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